Taking Stock: July 2017

Hello! It’s been an awful long time between posts and a bit has changed since I was doing the #Whole30 challenge back in November. I’m in a new home and a new job, so life feels a bit different, but it’s settling down now into a lot of new routines.

I’ve been thinking about writing again for a few weeks, so am very glad to get back online. As always, the ‘Taking Stock’ challenge by the lovely Pip (from Meet me at Mikes). You can read about her July here.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m probably going to make a couple of tweaks and edits to the blog here, but ones which will most likely mean I can post more regularly! But in the meantime, I’m also posting on my Instagram account, at onestepwellbeing. Please feel free to drop by and say hello 🙂

Making: Nothing today. But tomorrow will be full of bone broth making, soup brewing and menu planning for a busy week at work

Cooking: All of the above. In addition to regular dinner for the two of us after work #everyfuckingnight

Drinking: Lots of herbal tea. Currently sipping on Gewurzhaus’ Eva’s Yummy Tummy Tea, which is minty, and refreshing and perfect when your insides are feeling a little “delicate”.

Reading : Living the Healthy Life (Jessica Sepel), and An Abundant Life (Dr Ezzie Spencer). Both wonderful, but looking for something fiction that I can read in the evenings, when I’m looking for something to help me wind down and relax before bed. Any suggestions?

Trawling: Nothing much, outside of work. I need to start trawling for holiday inspo soon! Hopefully have a two-week road trip to Queensland coming up soon(ish).

Wanting: A little bit more time in the week for the less busy things. Like writing, being creative and pottering. Some more sleep as well would be nice.

Looking: At my blank menu plan for next week. Need to complete this before I head out to the markets tomorrow.

Deciding: To make time for rest this weekend. My body and my mind are craving it.

Wishing: I wasn’t still feeling sick. Since the beginning of June, I’ve been plagued with a lingering cough; mostly in the evenings but making it difficult at night to get to sleep (or stay asleep). Be gone, cough!!

Enjoying: Winter sunshine. I don’t mind too much that it’s under five degrees, just give me the clear, bright skies and sunshine!

Waiting: For the internal dialogue in my brain to quieten down. I’ve only recently really become aware that I have internal chatter going on All.The.Time. There are things I can do to help give this chatter a place, and then give the chatter time to rest so I can just be. Such a work in progress 😊

Liking: Writing again. Every time I wonder why I put it off for so long; there is something so therapeutic for me in getting my thoughts into an external place (see above point).

Wondering: How my ALF team (go Swans!) will fair tonight. It’s the local derby against Greater Western Sydney, and they tend to be cracking games. Will be glued to the couch tonight!

Loving: Dresses with pockets. They make up at least 75% of my winder working wardrobe… Cute and practical!

Pondering: How I’m going to hold up working full time for the next few weeks. I’m very much adjusted to my four-day-a-week routine, and I’m a little nervous to be honest, because when I get too much stress, it’s way too easy for me to get sick.

Listening: To the AFL; it’s my partners team playing and he’s trying not to be too invested in the result I can tell. But so far, so good (for him!).

Considering: Where I should take my beloved for dinner for his birthday next week? Last year, we were in New York at an amazing steak restaurant (that he found), so I need to find something equally amazing close to home.

Buying: Trying to be more mindful of my purchases, especially online (especially with the EOFY sales!). I’ve been visiting more farmers markets in recent weeks, so spending the good cash on quality veg, meats, eggs, and delicious home-made concoctions.

Watching: AFL on the TV, partner doing his ironing and the sun coming in to our living room.

Hoping: My pesky knee sorts itself out soon. It’s currently strapped up with physio tape, but incredibly achy and sore, meaning I can’t walk about too much right now.

Marvelling: At the many, many good people, who are still willing to help, support and encourage others online. We can see the interwebs for all the nasty, trolly, negative people (that are very much there!), but I’ve also seen such kindness, time and energy given from people who just want to see others do well. Look for the helpers, always.

Cringing: Politics generally. I’m really sad that in general, I don’t have much nice to say about politics (local or international). I used to enjoy keeping up to date with the ins and outs of it all; now I just want to take a nap.

Needing: A little break. From routine, from home, from the everyday. A long weekend away would do just the trick!

Questioning: Most of what I read online, sadly. Especially any articles by an “expert”. It frustrates me sometimes that so many people don’t question where their information is coming from, or with what agenda. I see it too often that people get overwhelmed and confused by all the information circling about, throw their hands in the air in frustration and are frozen in indecision. Be your own researcher and take that power back.

Smelling: My oils diffuser. Currently using Citrus Bliss with a couple of drops of Lime. So, refreshing, especially on days where we are more likely to spend lots of time indoors. I use doTerra essential oils (in case you are interested!)

Wearing: My fave navy tracksuit pants, and black fine knit long sleeved top. I was “dressed” earlier to go for a walk to get lunch, but now I’m all about the comfort. And the warmth.

Noticing: To always pay attention to my body and the subtle signals it’s telling me about my health. I try and remember the quote (thank you Oprah!)… “Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you at first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream”. I’ve had enough of life’s screams over the years to pay close attention to the whispers.

Knowing: “The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances”

Trouble-shooting: Lots of work stuff. Who knew training could get so complicated at times?

Thinking: How I want the rest of this year to feel and pan out.

Admiring: Rachael Kable from ‘The Mindful Kind’ podcast. I wish I had half her insight and entrepreneurial spirit when I was a Psychology graduate!

Getting: Inspired and dedicated to make some long-term changes to my health. I can be a great procrastinator when it comes to making change, so I need my brain to be in the best headspace as I can.

Bookmarking: Non-spoilery articles about Game of Thrones starting next Monday. Also recipes, always recipes!

Opening: More articles and posts about using essential oils. I’ve been purchasing regularly since February, and I love learning more about the beautiful smelly blends that people put together. I’m also learning lots about how to use them both therapeutically as well as for emotional support.

Closing: Keeping the doors closed in our house to keep the warmth in. We live in the opposite of open plan living with small heaters in each room, so while Melbourne is chilly, we have closed doors!

Feeling: A bit tired, generally very content, but very much wanting a little break.

Dreaming: About holidays. And good nights’ sleep. And free days to do with as I please.

Hearing: A few little whispers in my body. Must make sure they don’t become screams.

Celebrating: Game of Thrones returning on Monday night! Cannot wait to get drawn into all the drama of Westeros

Pretending: That some things don’t matter to me as much as they do. That I’m not really in as much pain as I am (go away painful knee!)

Embracing: Comfortable winter clothing. Leaving the house without makeup on weekends. My new(ish) Ugg boots. My many, many scarves!

I'd love to hear your comments, thanks for dropping by!

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