Hello! I’m Rebecca. This is my place for all things wellness, especially focusing on the mental health benefits of good wellbeing.

In my day job, I’m a passionate trainer and facilitator, experienced project manager and I’m committed to supporting corporate, non-for-profit, health and welfare workforces through continuous learning, professional development, and enhanced initiatives.

I’m also a self-taught baker and cook, a reforming sugar junkie and lover of time in the kitchen for stress relief. In working on my own journey towards greater health, I became increasingly aware of the relationships between food and mental wellbeing.

This blog is my space for writing about the latest ideas and research around mental health and wellness, as well as my own musings on behaviour change in an ever-changing environment. My commitment is to ensure that individuals have access and support to information that helps them make the best choices they can. Making changes in a way that is achievable, realistic and sustainable in the long term. I’m passionate about making sure these messages are delivered loud and clear, and that everyone has the support to take this on, with clear, actionable strategies that can be easily implemented as a part of routine daily life.

I’m here to support you, smile and provide the occasional kick-in-the-pants to help you feel confident and motivated to take on this challenge. I love to tell a good story, but I promise there is always a point and something to learn from my rambles.

Up for a road trip? Promise I’ll let you pick some songs along the way…


Professional bio: Rebecca Riley

Rebecca has a background in Psychology, and Human Resource Management, with wide experience in Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs, smoking cessation, public health and project management. She is an experienced trainer, facilitator and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

I'd love to hear your comments, thanks for dropping by!

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